Hi all

First post so go easy on me!

Ok, so i've been living with my twintop for a month now...............and i love it, despite having a nightmare first couple of weeks where I had to have 2, yes 2(!!!) new DPF's fitted to the car, after breaking down twice in the space of 6 days. I am still just about smiling though despite some horrific dealer experiences.............at least they covered the costs I guess………over £3k!

Anyways, the reason im posting is because the only thing which I find dissapointing with the twintop is the stereo. Firstly, the radio NEVER appears to be 100% tuned in, so when listening to FM stations, the sound is distorted, jittery, and really annoying (particularly when listening to music). Has anyone else had issues like this with the stereo, or does it sound more like I should be looking to replace the aerial or something?

On top of that, the sound from the stereo (CD30MP3) is also disappointingly weak / tinny - To the extent that I’m now considering upgrading it to something else. My Twintop has the piano black stereo fascia which looks great, so whatever I get needs to look good with this. Can anyone recommend anything that I could fit (for around £200 max, including all parts, fitting etc) that would improve the sound quality through the standard fit speakers? Would also like to maintain usage of the steering wheel controls if its possible?

...........do you think a new stereo would also improve my rubbish radio signal?

Would really appreciate any advice, as i don't know a great deal about this kind of thing.

Thanks so much!!