Hey, so iv bought some Sri springs for my mk4 astra, look like new tbh so might have been painted, only paid £15 for them aswell, my question is.. are the sri springs 20mm lower? - iv also bought 2 new drops links, thought i might aswell replace them while changing the suspention over, iv noticed alot of threads about them knocking when lowerd, will mine be ok?

now for the wheels... heres the spec!

Tyre Type: All-Weather
Tyre Type: All-WeatherTyre Type: All-Weather
Tyre Width: 205
Aspect Ratio: 50
Rim Diameter: 17 inches
Rim Structure: One Piece
Speed Rating: ZR: over 150 mph

They look multi-fit & are fitted to an Audi 80

Also, anyone have pictures of them wheels fitted? thanks guys.