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Thread: fuel cap area rusting

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    fuel cap area rusting

    hey guys

    first poster here.

    had my astra g sri for just over a year now 2001 model 1.8.

    i found this the other day; rust on the area by the fuel cap.

    is this salvageable?

    Reading on the net and some posts on this forum i was going to sand it down, apply primer, possibly some filler and paint over.

    Any suggestions/tips?


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    Theres a tiny lip of this surface that protrudes onto the arch on the inside which is fully exposed. Thats where the rust will have come from.

    I'd get the neck off, sand down (manually, no sparks lol), treat with Jenolite or Kurust, then apply and anti-rust primer such as Hammerite and then a top cote.
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