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Thread: 1998 Astra Alarm Problem

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    1998 Astra Alarm Problem

    Hi, I have 1998 S reg 2.0l SXI with standard alarm and immobiliser. The car has been standing for a couple of weeks and the alarm has suddenly started to go off. I have charged the battery and have added a booster back to make sure there is plenty of power but as soon as I connect the battery the alarm goes off. I have tried opening and closing the doors on the button which works fine but the alarm won't go off other then for a few seconds every minute or so and then starts up again.

    The main problem I have is that the car won't start at all now and there is no fuel coming up to the engine or spark so i'm assuming it has been cut out by the immobiliser.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome mate

    You may find that when the battery went flat the powersounder also went flat so is charging up now, have a look on the how-to on this site to disconect it for now while you solve the starting problem

    If the immobiliser has cut in the spanner or engine light will be flashing but the alarm and immobiliser are seperate. Maybe try the paperclip test and see if there's any fault codes
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