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Thread: Dead astra!

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    Dead astra!

    Well was on my way to pick up my oldest from school last friday when my car started losing speed,the needle dropped pretty quick,tried dropping a gear then noticed the engine management light,luckily I got off onto the banking at the side of the A737.
    Waited an hour for the AA to turn up and tow me to somewhere safe,after a quick look it seems the **** that was meant to fit my timing belt kit,only fitted a belt(lucky me eh).
    Theres no come back as the guy is out of business,and I don't know where he lives,so I bit the bullet!!

    The astra is 12years old this month,so its going,I went out and bought myself a late 2006 1.6 focus,its cheaper to tax,cheaper to fix,cheaper to run,and does MORE MPG than the 1.7TD mk4 I had!

    I loved the astra,but after spending money on a fuel pump,power steering rack(both bosch-not cheap!)new brake pipes etc.. I decided to call it a day,the MOT due next month is the final nail in its coffin.

    I opted for the focus rather than a newer astra as I fancied a wee change,and something cheaper to fix than a derv,plus the price was great for a 3 1/2 year old car!

    So its bye-bye astra club!

    Thanks for all the info,how to's,and advice etc.. and take care of those timing belts!!!!

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    Sorry to heat about the Astra, any pictures of the Focus?


    MK4 Astra Van 1.7 DTI Sportive

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