P reg Astra Estate 1.6 Impression

Blower (4 settings) never worked from day 1 - no big snags really. Fuse in car (by drivers knee) is OK because it also feeds the fan and that works. The rear w/screen heating works OK - so I am discounting the rotary switch on the dash.

Following the advice from this site I have now
a. Removed wipers
b. Removed the black plastic covering
c. Removed the filter.

Under the black plastic covering near the passenger side is the electrics for the blower. Has 5 wires going in to a black plug and the under the black plug is a green thingy (rheostat?). BUT at present having snags getting the plug off because the brown wire seems to have 'melted' a bit and formed superglue !! It will come off with a bit more patience.
The blower motor is under the filter and visual.

Between the electric plug and the blower is a brown wire which I am told by my local garage should lead to the blower motor. It appears to have been attacked by vermin because it goes nowhere - bitten off.

So almost there - where on the motor is the 'IN' terminal that this wire should be attached to. Garage man says 'easier to take off the wiper arms etc to fix' ??? Look I say - opening the door to get in is my limit.

Help - can I see it or can I feel it AND can I fix the wire back w/out removing half the car.