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Thread: Astra g cat problem

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    Astra g cat problem

    Ive got an astra g 2003 1.6 16v sxi (3dr)

    Ive got a massive problem with the cat converter!! i.e the car doesnt start (vauxhall tech round last night - removed lambar sensor and car started 1st time)

    My Mate @ work has a 51plate veccy Gsi and has offered me the full exhaust system including cat for £60!!!!

    I just want to know whether this is possible as im not sure as to whether it would fit or not!! i know the exhaust wont (ill probably cut that down to fit anyway) - i've already bought the recaro's and they slotted in nicely!!

    If someone could advise me on the above issue could you let me know!!


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    No wanted posts please, and one thread is enough

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