well I had a bit of fun yesterday whilst trying to select reverse, and somehow managed to rip the entire gearstick out of it's place.


Luckily I can still select gears, sort of, in a wobbly kind of way. The gearstick is still loose though and can be pulled out.

It's a 54-plate astravan CDTi ,manual.

What's happened, is that the little dark grey half-ball that attaches to the end of the gearstick and keeps the gearstick in its white socket, and hence in it's place, has broken into about three pieces!

The closest I can find in a search here is this thread:


Luckily for this guy though, the little grey half ball was intact, and he managed to remove it from said white socket, reattach to gearstick ball, and refit.

Here's a picture (nicked from the guys thread) with the part that's broken circled in red. Note his 'socket' area is yellowish- mine's bone white.

If anybody can tell me what this part is called (a big long search on google and ebay and I can't find anything even remotely like it) I'd be grateful. A part number would be even better!