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Thread: Jacking question

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    Jacking question

    Evening guys

    Just a quick one, I need to drop the subframe out of my car, so the car needs to be axle standed, but where can I put my stands other than the jacking points? as I don't want them folding.

    I thought of a small block of wood ontop of either stand and putting the car on the chassis legs underneath

    Would this be safe? or any other alternatives?
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    The best way to support a car is with supports under the chassis. I wouldn't use axle stands for a job like that unless you have garage quality ones and a flat floor. I use large wooden blocks stacked on top of each other placed under the chassis. If you use axle stands you need your wood blocks underneath the stands, the u shaped bit on top of the stand has to locate round the chassis or it could slip. I have spent a lot of time working underneath cars and you really don't want to get under one ton of car unless you are absolutely sure it isn't going to fall on top of you!

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