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Thread: Question for Dan re: multi vehicle policy

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    Question for Dan re: multi vehicle policy

    As title

    im aware AF do the multi vehicle policy etc but do both cars need to be modified if the original vehicle is modified etc

    Im an existing AF policy holder and have been for a number of years

    Current policy is for my quite heavily modified Mk4 Astra Turbo

    Ive recently purchased a Corsa Combo Van 1.7 and need this adding to the existing policy, or if this isnt possible, would I need to create a fresh policy for the van?

    Any help would be appreciated on this matter.

    Van is purely for SDP purposes commuting to permanent place of work and nothing more - used whilst car is off the road being rebuilt (but still insured)

    Thanks in advance chaps

    PS: I will contact AF direct during business hours but this may be difficult this coming week due to shift pattern - so any help appreciated

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    We can certainly look into it for you, It may need to be a seperate policy as it is a van and not a car but this is something we can look discuss with you, If this was the case we would mirror your NCB and give you an introductory Discount till you can start getting No Claims on it.

    If you would like to PM me your Name and Postcode and Contact Number and the best time to call you, I can organise the callback for you.
    Our Offices are open 9am till 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am till 4pm on Saturdays.


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