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Thread: ok ok its not a Astra but someone may know (Corsa C Cruise Control related)

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    ok ok its not a Astra but someone may know (Corsa C Cruise Control related)

    Im aware certain Astra H and even G models have the clutch switch already fitted when fitting cruise but does anyone know if the Corsa C does?

    Car in question is a 53 plate Corsa C Combo with Y17DTL engine

    I can try my Astra cruise stalk if it works but might be barking up the wrong tree and better off trying a Corsa specific stalk

    Can anyone offer any assistance and whether they reckon the clutch switch will already be fitted? how easy is it to find and is it literally "just a switch" down next to the clutch??

    If someone feels this is better in non astra chat or elsewhere then do your stuff

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    I'd say clutch switch will be there as all desiels seem to have it

    CC stalk looks totally different to the astra with the CC going to the BCM then onto the ECU via canbus at a guess
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