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Thread: Kielder Trip Sunday 25th April 2010 - Joint meet Cumbria, NE, Yorkshire and Scottish

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    Kielder Trip Sunday 25th April 2010 - Joint meet Cumbria, NE, Yorkshire and Scottish

    Welcome guys and girls. AOC cumbria is orgaising a Kielder trip for all Cumbrian, Scottish, NE and Yorkshire regions. If you would like to come and look at other members cars, have a chat or just come for the drive and meal, then put your name down and we will see you there.

    Like last year we will meet at Tesco Carlisle, J43 on the M6, (Scottish and Cumbrian members) then head up to Haydon Bridge High School (large carpark), NE47 6LR, meeting the NE and maybe the Yorkshire region. Once everyone is together we will head up to Kielder Hawkshope car park. This is one big circuit and one of the best drives in the North.

    Meeting times:

    9.30am Tesco Carpark Carlisle J43 M6, Cumbrian/Scottish covnoy
    10.30am Haydon Bridge High School (large carpark), NE47 6LR NE/yorkshire
    11.30ish Kielder...

    Location: Kielder
    Date: Sunday 25th April 2010
    Time: 10.30 @ Haydon Bridge NE47 6LR
    Sat Nav: Kielder Car park NE48 1BH

    Afterwards head to Carlisle for a meal @ toby carverys.

    Link to Map for the carpark... Fingers crossed this is the right one....

    Please Post in link below:

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    FOR ALL SCOTTISH members heading down to this meet please add your name to the list on the link^^^^^ and keep your eyes open for a convoy thread nearer the time in the scottish region..
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