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Thread: Astra 1.4SXi not starting

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    Post Astra 1.4SXi not starting

    Hope I have posted this in the right section!

    My wifes car is in some trouble.
    At first she noticed that the car was juddering whilst idle and when drive it seemed to be fine.
    After researching the problem I did the pedal test which came up with the following codes:
    ECN 030001 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
    ECN 030301 – misfire cylinder 3
    ECN 030201 – misfire cylinder 2

    I first changed the spark plugs and it seemed to appear ok and then when she went to work she said it just lost power and cut out.

    Had the AA out to pick her up and he first tried to start it he said that it is trying to fire, so he topped up the fuel just in case no joy, then he had a look around in the engine bay nothing there he could see.

    He then plugged in the laptop and it came up with the code above and an extra one ECN 030002.

    He said had it required a coil pack as it was Tuesday 6pm nowhere was open for him to get one so he towed her back home.

    I popped outside (before you say lazy husband was at home looking after our little 2yr old boy) to see what he was saying, he said that if I got a coil pack from eurocarparts and just replaced it will work, but he stated not to start the car with the old pack in as he had cleared the codes.

    So I rushed around in my lunch break yesterday get new spark plugs and coil pack, put it in the car and to no avail still the same problem won’t start, tried bump start no joy, disconnected battery for 1hrs in the snow last night to clear any unknown faults on ECU still not starting. But I noticed that when I took out the first 4 new spark plugs they were covered in black soot if that’s any help!!

    I’m just stuck and have no idea and just feel frustrated, that Vauxhall want to charge me £90 to get it towed to their garage and a further £80 to diagnose it and added to that it’s a 2week waiting list.

    Really appreciate every ones help.

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    Have moved your other thread into the correct section, so no need for two threads running, so will close this one

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