Hi guys, I am having a problem with my Astra and hoped someone on here may be able to help.

It is an 05 plate 1.9 SRI CDTi 150 BHP model
44,000 miles

Recently I sent the car to Vauxhall to fix a headlight and since having it back I have had a major problem with it.

Before sending it off the car would accelerate fine and you could feel the turbo kick in around 1.5k revs+

Now however there is absolutly no turbo whatsoever, sometimes around the 3k range it will suddenly kick in, other time it wont work at all. I cannot get the car past 50MPH

I have sent the car to a mechanic who has been in contact with several other mechanics and none of them can figure out what the prioblem might be, they have had the turbo unit off and checked bearings etc, everything works fine.

He reckons it may be the waste gate so they are stripping it down again in the hope that they will find the problem.

I would really appreciate some input from people who may have come accross the problem before.

Thanks in advance - Adam