Had the car since september anh had a few problem with her.
The day i got the car i was heading home from my friends house and i jumped in and shutt he door and it wouldn't stayshut just kept bouncing back open. so that was garage call number 1.

Next call was when a crazy woman drove into my door in asda and i had to get a new door and get the mount straightened up and had to pay for it my bloody self cause she wouldnt accpet liability, there goes £850, that could have been my VXR wheels & bumper.

Now she just isn't playing the game, my 2 6x9's and amp have stopped working, when you turn the key to the last click before starting the engine the heated mirrors and rear windscreen goes on and won't go off even when u turn the engine on, and most peopl will know u cant turn this on until the engine is actually on, the led lights on the switch for my actual lights isn't coming on, my near side foggy stopped workin, light in the glovey doesn't work, and the other day when i was headed to falkirk cruise the ABS light came on on the motorway, so when i got to falkirk i parked up and left it for 15 mins, got back in, started it back up and it started beeping and the speedo, rev counter and petrol gauge were all going up and down and the ABS light stayed on. On the way home it went off.

Tbh she doesn't sound too healthy so back she goes, and for her going back off comes the induction and back on with the standard filter.

Anyone got any ideas why its doin this?

Am not gonna try fix it myself anywayy thats what a warrantys for