My name is Miguel and I am from Portugal. I own an Astra GTC ( a 3 door hatchback here in Portugal).

It's not like some machines i've seen here, but it's working it's way.

Since it's first days I've added some extras, one of them, the last, really astonishing at least for me.

So far:


- small antena from PUG 807
- OEM side skirts
- Fox Racing FX5 wheels
- OEM Xénon headlights including headlight washers and auto-levelling sensor


-Boomerang armrest
- PUG 206 footrest (as it is the most similar i've found)

Future Mods

- OPC (VXR) front bumper
- OPC line back lip (or OPCline 2 bumper - haven't really decided yet )
- DVD90 + CID
- Light and rain sensors

I'll leave you with some pictures:

At the very first days:

Foot Rest

Boomerang Armrest

Wet Look after home made Detail

Photo Session @ Espichel's cape

Photo Session - Urban Art

Wheels On

GTC vs Touareg (my other car)

Photo Session @ Lisbon

Photo Session @ Evoramonte (a portuguese medieval village)

CTEK Battery Charger

The Package

How I placed it on the garage's wall

Registry Pictures after maintaince wash

OEM Xénon - Stage 1

This 1st stage consisted in mounting and connecting the headlights and by mounting the headlight washers, altought the washers weren't connect in the first stage.

The levelling sensor and its module

OEM Xénon - Stage 2

This second stage consisted in putting the washers to work and by mounting and calibrating the leveler.

Better than pictures i'll leave a home made video where you can see the leveler test, performed in Op-Com and the washers spraying the headlights

Well, this is it. I hope you appreciate it and am opened to suggestions and/or ideas.

Thanks you all in advance