I was looking to trade in my zafira for an astra and came across this:

I had never owned a modified car before and nor did i know anything about modding. But i straight swapped my zafira for it. I did loose some money as the zafira was 2001 with 67,000 Miles and the hatch was 2001 with 110,000 miles.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

At this stage the only mod i had done was the black engine cover and ken wood head unit.

I then bought a big chavvy induction kit for some reason. Oh Dear.

But i managed to develop some form of taste and get some FK Angel Eyes And Chrome Bonnet Lifters

Then bought a red and black leather gearstick and handbrake gator set:

And some flat blade wipers

I Then added some Grilled/Grooved/Vented disks

Then some drunk added a mod of his own, i came outside and there was a curry on my window. It was quickly washed off

This is how it was sitting

I then decided the centre consle is MEGA boring as standard. So off it came:

how the car sat for a few days:

And back on in flame red with an irmy steering wheel badge as well. Also added chrome speedo rings.

I then done the same under the bonnet

Then came the real fun:

New front and back bumpers:

Also KEI Force 10 Alloys

And the under bonnet taking shape, back to the good old airbox:

Getting the bumpers sorted out:

Rear Skirt Primed:

Rear bumper Primed, Coupe Front Bumper Primed:

Some Repairs To Coupe bumper:

Then on with some paint:

Then to get the big Key Mark on the bonnet repaired:

New Bumper Brackets:

Arches Refurbed:

Some Pics:

Fitting The Halfords Finest Black Mesh And Smoked Fog Lights:

Gearbox Oil Changed:

Injectors Out To Be Refurbished:

Fuel Filter Changed:

Back Together Looking Mean:

Unfortunately the new back bumper wouldn't fit over my irmy back box so had to be put in the garage.

I then joined the world of High Intensity Discharge. Never had HID's Before. Well worth buying.

After all this my clutch packed in. There was a leak in the copper hose feeding the slave cylinder. An excuse to get the engine out.

There was also a gaping big hole in my gearbox needing welded, near the bottom right

I then went for some colour coding:
bonnet Lifters, Pipework

Vectra C Air Intake:

Battery, Pipework


After doing the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, clutch, pressure plate, slave cylinder, slave cylinder copper hoses, i painted the bottom of the engine and entire gearbox with red engine enamel paint, and the downpipes with high temperature 1200F Grey paint.

And back in it went:

I Then started re trimming my door cards:

The exhaust was crap looking with specs of rust on it, so i soon got it all sanded and painted with the same paint as the manifold:

Chopped the twin pipes off the irmy back box:

Some welding was done:

A VXR stainless steel tailpipe was added:

And the VXR Style back bumper finally added on:

Some pics:

I then met up with Souleh for some more pics:

Mot time - pass, no advisories! Tinted lights were removed for a lighter smoke. Which i kept on because i prefer them.

A picture i got from the previous owner:

And this is the lastest picture of it hiding in the background:

And well, thats the story of my astra so far.