seem to have a very notchy gearchange in my Vplate,1999, 2.0l 16v DL van,

ity doesnt matter if its warm or cold, its just soemtimes hard to get into first, and 3/5 times ill go into 3rd gear insted....

its just had the clutch done, with new VX correct gear oil, onlyh had that done becasue the concentric slave clyinder went, so i had the lot done, before it were just hard in 1st gear, now its somtimes as bad to go into 2nd... generanlly 3/4/5th gears are fine for selecting....

im under the impression i can adjust the gear change, its a F23 gearbox, but when ive removed the gearstick gaitor, and while moving the gear stick thu' the gears you can see theres some play in the linkage, will adjusting the linkage get rid of this play??

it really feels like the gear stick is to far over to the l/h/s and makign it hard to get in to 1st n 2nd gear's... etc.

has anyine got any tips of how to adjust the gearbox likages?

cheers for any help!