Right i bought my 2000 Astra Coupe in November and for the first few months had fully intended to keep it as standard as possible. However by Christmas i started looking on here and decided that my colour is pretty unique and i could make something special out of it. So this is the first of many updates on Orville the Coupe.

OK so this is what it looked like the day i bought it completely standard 39,000 miles lovely.

SO after a few months i started with the basics a K and N typhoon air filter.

Had a few problems with juddering but i sorted it out with a throttle body clean to get rid of quite a layer of dirt.

Then i got myself a self of Shark-eye head lights which i love and will look great once i have got some whiter bulbs in them.

Then i went back to uni for a few weeks then i got 2 weeks off worked full time to earn some dough but i ordered up a grated grillle and bought myself some greeen paint. The centre console was then sprayed up of an afternoon.

from this....

to this.....

After a week break i got back into it and finally managed to drag myself to Wimbledon DVLA to change the plates

which look much better

The realisation of how bad the grille was meant i found my can of paint again and with the help of a mate set about some more spraying....

this looks good and will do until i either get a nice badge for the front or conceive to buying an irmy grille.

I then had a butchers around the garage and found my self a much bigger cone for the air filter and working on the basis more air cooler engine fitted it to the K and N pipe...

Then Wednesday morning just gone i took Orville to Vortex to have a new exhaust and vortex system centre box. It has a really nice low end growl and the added torque and bhp are nice too.

That is than for the moment off to the shops now to get my self some prices on coilovers and get some more paint More to come soon.