Hi All,
Just need a bit of advise. My Astra GTC has been subject to some serious negligence on the behalf of their agent here. They failed to fix a safety related fault in the car three times.
The car has keyless entry feature and the lock failed which led the car door flying open during driving. One literally had to hold the door in place while driving. Has anyone here experienced such issue before?
Sent it to the agent and they just tinkered with the part and handed me the car back. It was after the third attempt (and the issue re-surfacing) when they decided that our lives is worth more than the new part under warranty and they changed it (let alone customer convenience etc.).
My thoughts are:
1 - This is an obvious design fault by Opel. There should be a fail safe mechanism that prevents the door from being ajar if this electrical lock fails (which it obviously does)
2 - With the current Toyota issues, one cannot help but draw analogies with this case. Albeit the keyless entry is optional in most cars and by design should be much less probable.
Any thoughts?