So after Cars and Coffee a couple of us from TCL decided to head to the Packards International club annual meet at the Double Tree hotel in Orange, CA.

It was a great showing. Every single one of those cars was absolutely beautiful! I was absolutely flabbergasted by all the details that went into the designs of these cars. I just couldn't stop clicking away with my camera. I even became exhausted from so much picture taking!

These automobiles are a great relic of a bi-gone era of automobile manufacturing that will never be again. Modern CAD designed cars just don't have the same amount of character and panache that cars from this era had.

I hope to some day own a one of these cars, so I can show it and preserve it for generations to come. As many of you might expect if you looked at most of the people walking around and checking out the Packard's you would have thought that it was part of a retirement home field trip.

Nevertheless here are a few highlights from this great event:

As always you can visit for the complete collection. I took over 300 photos at this event. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.