Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself as perhaps, the latest driver of the Mk3 Astra, My Son snaffled my estate car and I just needed some transportation, I bit the bullet and bid for an Astra on E-bay and won it, it's the CDX 2.0 auto as listed in the header, 1 owner from new, full Vauxhall service history 60k, 2 cam belts, and externally/internally looks like new.
As a complete novice of these cars (it is quite quick mind) I wonder if any nasties are lurking underneath, that I ought to be aware of?
Rust problem areas...known faults..things to check on?
It has a couple of problems, the Rocker cover is leaking and depositing oil on the exhaust, I can smell that through the heater matrix, I'm assuming new gasket?
An electrical problem which seems to be a feedback though the ignition...turn it off and the engine just keeps running, can't stall it cos its an auto, even if I did stall it the ignition would still be on, I remove fuse F20 and the problem disappears.
I did notice yesterday, that the the feedback returned immediately after washing the car.
Anyway many thanks for any future info..
By the way, I'm bonnietiler cos of the motorbike that I ride and the job that I do...I can't sing!