Hi, Ive got a mk4 gsi with vxr complete front brake setup, however my brakes have always felt very spongy even before they were changed, of course the vxr brakes are a lot better even at high speeds but the spongy feel still feels there when driving sensibly, they have been bled on a full pressurised bleed kit, its been bled manually and with a self bleeder and there is not one bit of air in the system atall, im going to upgrade my front brake hoses with goodridge ones which should make things a bit better, but if it doesnt what are my options can i fit a vxr master cylinder? only reason i ask is i drove a mk5 astra 1.8 and a vxr and the brakes are super sharp as soon as you touch the pedal you dont have to press it hard where mine in my opinion feel bobbins even before the vxr brakes any ideas cheers guys