Hello everyone,

Ive been away for a while as i havnet had an internet connection (and now i evidently have it back!)

Im hacked off though, so i go to BT they say up to 20mb speeds blah blah blah i know im a way from the exchange so wont get near that but i am getting around 6mb so im happy.

With Sky (my previous provider) i was using 2mb speeds and d/l at a decent speed, now with this bt home hub2 cr*p i cant seem to download for bob! (Shi*)

It was only activated today and i know BT say it wont settle down for 10 days and all that but surely if the d/l is 6 the upload should be higher than 0.24kb ?

Has anybody had experiences like this ? Or am i just going to have to wait a while and see how the land lies ?