May as well partaking in some blatant picture whoring!

Last year I took the Cavalier off the road for a rebuild and bought an A6 to run about in although it lasted a month and died. So I then bought a Vectra 2.2 SRi, quickly realised how crap it was so got rid of it and went to buy a Vectra CDTi.... missed and ended up on the bandwagon with this.

2003 Astra GSi turbo
Lowered on Eibachs
Gavin Wallace remap
GM mudflaps
Nokia phone charger
74p in change in the ashtray

Unfortunately I don't view it as anything that amazing, but it does everything asked of it and is covering just over 2000 miles a month and it's been pretty faultless aside a couple of silly niggles. It's been washed about 4 times since early September therefore you won't find me frequenting the detailing section any time soon! Shell stations, yes. Detailing, No.

Anyways, no sure what the future holds... probably will get sold as soon as the Cavalier is finished an back on the road.