im just putting a video together on windows movie maker.

i have a few vids, and i have stolen all the pics off here.

i know there where alot of people taking pics, and vids, so if your one of them, and havent posted them up, could you do so, or forward them too me via email,

its just so i can get EVERYTHING in one place, i hope you guys dont mind me steeling the pics ie. dave as your name is on the bottom. (i have left your name on the bottom aswel)

there where other forums attending aswel, so if sombody could link me to there pics (if they are different to ones posted on here) that would be smashing.


oh my email addy is dellenty1234 @ aol . com your have to pm me to warn me you have sent them, as it will go straigh to the spam box.