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Thread: Been caught speeding 2 :p

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    Thumbs Down Been caught speeding 2 :p

    Right, after lolling a lot at my last thread, I thought I'd make another... but I don't want any trouble this time!

    I was just thinking - say with this offence they offer me the speed awareness course... if they see they've had another offence come through, will they still offer me the course to "get away" with the first offence?

    I don't condone speeding at all, but we all do it. I do atleast 35,000 miles a year in my van and around 12,000 in my car. Only been driving for 4 years and to be honest it was about time I got caught, and I'll definately learn from this.

    Reading on my last thread I'm hoping these offences won't affect my insurance... oh and by the way I got caught by one of those annoying "Arrive Alive" vans or whatever they're called.

    Thing that takes the mick - I've got a 150bhp Astra and I get caught speeding in a 1.2 Corsa D and a crappy old Escort van that's falling to pieces and struggles to do over 70mph
    Silver 2008 Astra SXi 1.7CDTi 100

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    In my experience the first 3 points dont make a difference to your insurance. However, with you have bad luck and gettin caught twice i think they will still give you the points and the fine.

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