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Thread: socket/torque wrench help

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    socket/torque wrench help

    Hi all wonder if someone can help me out.

    Im looking to buy some tools as im getting annoyed with having to borrow off other people but now iv been looking around iv confussed myself.

    Basically i want a torque wrench (think ill need 2 so i can have lower torque and a more powerful one) but whats throwing me is this 1/2 , 3/8 and 1/4. Problem im having is matching up the sockets im looking at to the drive on the wrench and the wrenches i already have. im guessing 1/4 does not fit 3/8 ect .

    Just wondering if someone could make it easier to understand and what i need to look for.

    i know you can buy adapters for size them down but i dont want to be constantly looking around in my box trying to size things up ..



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    I know it is not exactly what you asked for, but there are two sets of halford professional sockets on sale for £15 and £20 respectively. Not a bad price really. I bought the larger full set on offer for £100 (reduced from £200).

    Anyhow I have never bothered with a torque wrench, everything goes hand tight with a nip, not sure what anyone else feels on this though.



    Or a bigger beastie...


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    I've got a big Halfords torque wrench, 1/2" drive and 60-330NM

    Great for doign wheel hub nuts, crank pulley bolts etc.

    also a cheap 3/8" drive 10-50NM
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