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Thread: any electricians in the house?

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    any electricians in the house?

    need some simple electrical help for my project. (Which will be posted up soon!)

    1) if i have 5v from a power supply.. how to i branch the wire into 2.. so 1 wire outputs 5v and the other outputs 3v? can it be done by just simply adding a resistor to the 3v side?

    2) if i have 6 LEDs connected, how do i delay each 1? so 1 turns on. then the next, then the next etc.

    3) can a toggle switch be replaced with a normal push switch? e.g. when the switch is pressed the current flows and then it stops when the switch is pressed again. (the switch is the kind that only allows current to flow thru it when it is being pressed, when it is released the current stops)

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    Resistor will only work for a fixed current draw, you want a voltage regulator really.

    3V from 5V is a rather low overhead so you'll need a High spec regulator.

    Not sure an LM317 will regulate well with a 2V overhead, you need to check specs.

    To make a delay chain you could use a counter/divider IC, but you'll need one that has outputs for every stage.

    You then need a clock generator driving it, to give the delay change over. (Astable Multivibrator) you then use 1 of the 2 state outputs to drive a power transitor dependign on what current you need to switch.

    The momentary switch would need a latch circuit, (Bistable multivibrator)

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