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Thread: Petrol smell

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    Petrol smell

    Just got a second hand Astra estate 1.6 twinport MK4. Drives fine, however I have noticed if I drive normally and change gear at around 3.5k, it's OK. If I rev it a bit harder like when pulling away and go to 5.5 or 6k, there's a smell of petrol that comes into the car.....I have had a look around the engine-not that I'm a mechanic, but I can't see any leaks or's all clean.
    Any thoughts?


    -Just to mention it was bought from a Vaux main dealer and had been serviced and MOT b4 i bought it.

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    could be running a bit rich after its been sat on a forcourt for a while. give it a good run on the motorway/dual carrigaway and it might clear it up. if its worrying id take it back and mention it.

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