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Thread: Change MAP sensor - What can go wrong?

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    Change MAP sensor - What can go wrong?


    I've had a slight problem with my opel astra 1998 model which was diagnosed to be a faulty MAP sensor. I went and bought another MAP sensor with the same serial number. But when I bought it, I found out that it has 2 numbers: one 8 digit number and another 4 digits number. Do both have to match or is just the 8 digits number enough?

    The numbers are: 90225716
    and 4-869

    Each number is written on a different corner at the bottom of the MAP sensor. If I tried the wrong sensor, what could go wrong? How should I change it? e.g. disconnect battery....etc

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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    Just unplug the old one and swap it over.
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