I have a 2000 model mk4 Astra, 1.6 engine,petrol, engine X16SZR

Whilst driving my car today the Engine Management Light (Yellow) came and the car stopped..I tried a lot to start the car back but I could just hear the starter trying its best but the car wont start..

On connecting the Computer, I got the below reading:

Total number of fault codes: 2
P0351 - Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Line Coil Cylinder 1+4 Voltage Low
(02) - Not present
P0352 - Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Line Coil Cylinder 2+3 Voltage Low
(02) - Not present

I then pulled out my spark plug cables and plugged them back again and the car started. However I dont think its a permanent fix

Please advice in regards to my fault codes,also can this be due to cold weather conditions..