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Thread: philips CAR400, stock radion mk4 astra

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    philips CAR400, stock radion mk4 astra

    got issues with my CAR400 cassette stereo, i have the code, and have previously enterd it correct, after removing the battry.... but now after removing the battry again, it wont let me enter it!!

    im following the user guide to the T as ive done it correctly once, but now when i go to press and hold down the AS button nothing happens, nothing.... it should disply the usual _ _ _ _ ..... then i enter the code, pressing once for a 0 and twice for a 1 etc...

    but no, holding AS for 3 seconds doesnt do jack all!!

    anyone had this problem? is it new stereo time?

    id really like to keep the tape deck, as ive got a tape and a wire for my ipod!


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    You doing it with the ignition on and the stereo off to start with?
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