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Thread: 03 Zaffy Coolant temp guage

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    03 Zaffy Coolant temp guage

    Hello all,

    I am hoping that you may be able to point me in the right direction please.

    I have a 03 1.6 petrol Zaffy. The coolant temp guage on the L/H side of the dash is not registering all of the time. Sometimes it will show between 70°-80° but at other times nothing.

    I am getting hot air via the heaters and water is being pumped round the system.

    I thought that it might have been the thermostat but am not convinced.

    Is there a sender unit that feeds the temperature back to the guage or is it likely to be a dodgy gauge?

    Suggestions please and thank you.

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    i have ordered a coolant sensor and a thermostat as the temp gauge isn't moving at all but there is some hot air.
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    CTS (coolant temp sensor) is located next to the thermostat housing on the bottom left of the engine as u look at it from the front

    this connects the top rad hose to the head.

    this controls the gauge on the dash and also effects engine timing and general running based on the temperature of the coolant

    most ppl with the symptoms u describe either replace the CTS on its own - but more often than not its easier to replace both together.

    £30 will get you both components and allow 30mins or so and you'll be sorted

    Replacement Stat and housing:

    theres 2 different coolant sensors listed for your model so youd ideally need to contact the seller below - or even Vauxhall just to get a part number (or even get the part from them if u really want)

    early Z16XE models used part number 9193163 :

    Later Z16XE models used part number 93174208:

    ** both CTS above are brand new and genuine Vauxhall parts so if you grab your V5 and contact the seller above and quote your engine number or reg they will be able to assist you im sure.**

    Brief guide to changing the thermostat below (also a guide to reverse flushing and changing the coolant if ur interested) - based on the 1.8 but the process is the same

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