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Thread: Lack Of Power after 70mph - Astra 1.7td ( 99 )

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    Lack Of Power after 70mph - Astra 1.7td ( 99 )

    Hello all..

    I was wondering if someone can help me with my problem..

    I have a astra van 1.7TD on a 99 plate..

    I have owned it for 2 years and i notice when travelling on motorways etc and i get to around 60 - 70mph the engine managment light comes and the engine then goes silly and will not give any power, ( like a safe mode ) but after a few seconds the light goes out and all goes well again..

    I dont understand why it happens only at these speeds ..

    Also when overtaking on motorway etc or just getting to around 70mph going for 80mph the van struggles to touch 80..

    The fastest ive had out of it is 80mph down hill ..

    I know the turbo hasnt gone as its normal from 0mph to 30mph etc...

    So it ok for like driving around streets at normal speed limit.. just when i need that extra bit out of it..

    I know its diesel but surely 80mph cant be top speed for it.. Its a bit embarressing as travellign on motorway, iam ben over taken by micro and fezzies lol..

    So can anyone help me on whats could be wrong.. Also i notice a lot of black smoke comes out when highly revved etcc setting off from traffic lights etc .. not lots of smoke tho but rev it high and it all disapears..

    MAny Thanks All hope someone can help

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    my 2.5TDI VW Transporter maxes out at 69MPH By the satnav.. 65mph by the speedo

    2.5TDI but only 65hp
    Astra Sold! Now its back! Sold Again! Who knows whats going on!

    Currently Running MK1 1.8 MX5 with LSD awaiting boost, and a Red UK DC2

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