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Thread: 1.6 8v Mk4 problem with valves/timing?

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    Unhappy 1.6 8v Mk4 problem with valves/timing?

    hi, i just got my astra back last week from the garage after the: head gasket, cam belt, cam shaft and radiator were replaced. i have driven it for a week with no problems.

    i set off today and noticed the emissions warning light was on (i have had problems with this in the past and replaced the engine temp sensor which sorted it) then when i went into anything above 3rd the light started flashing which i have never had before.

    im not sure if that has anything to do with the way it was running but thought i would mention it. anyways it was running realy rough today, it sounded jerky and as if it was going to cut out and it didn't feel at full power.

    i got a mate to have a listen to it an they thought it could be the timing is out or a problem with the valves. i just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone else had any trouble like this before.

    also it had plenty of oil, coolant and petrol. could it be anything to do with the weather cos it hasn't been much above -10 for the last week where i live and today it was around 0 to 2 so could it be something so do with ice thawing?

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    read the fault codes seeing as the emissions light was on?

    pedal test im presuming seeing as the early models only have an EML and not Emissions...

    it may be caused by the recent work but u need to find out the fault code stored before jumping to your own conclusions

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