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Thread: possibly thinking of a change this year, any advice?

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    possibly thinking of a change this year, any advice?

    Well, after the current weather has passed i'm going to start looking at selling the coupe and buying a mk5 3dr
    i've seen a few about, and a few nice diesels

    I want to head over the europe in the summer and do a little road trip. French coastal roads, along the spanish boarder, then round the south and down to italy. Probably then back up through the eastern side of france, dipping into germany on the home stretch for a quick run around the 'ring

    so i'm reckoning comfortably this will take 3 if not 4 weeks and probably rack up 2.5 - 3k miles

    now other than that i will probably not do much driving in UK .. possibly going back to uni part time to finally finish my degree so that woudl be ipswich to greenwich once a week for half the year

    so is a derv worth it?
    what are the mk5 engines like? the 1.7 and the 1.9

    I just did a quick insurance check on the 1.9 cdti and theres about £25 difference between the 120 model and the 150

    Am i right in the only difference is a remap?

    Also i have seen a couple of the 1.9 s with a 6 speed gear box? is this just on the 150 models?

    Sorry for all the questions, i'm just looking for a little advice

    For people who have the 1.7 and/or 1.9 models, how are you gettingo n with them?

    Thanks again

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    i had a 1.7cdti 100 sri for a while, was reliable enough, performance isn't particularly good though, id say definitely go 1.9 150, you'll enjoy your road trip a lot more im sure!

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