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Thread: Isuzu 1.7TD Alternators

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    Isuzu 1.7TD Alternators


    Rather than continue my original thread

    which was headed Astra Nightmare, I thought I might provide an update via a new thread.

    I have now had confirmed by an auto electrician that it is the alternator that has died.

    The first question is why does this car eat alternators? The new one will be the fourth in less than 3 years. Can anyone throw any light on this issue? In other respects this car is excellent. (It has had a new starter motor last Spring).

    Given the weather and my arthur, the desire to fit a new one personally is non existant. I have been quoted £195 to supply and fit from my daughter's local independent whom I do not trust. I have therefore arranged to take the car to the guy that looks after my baby (Lexus LS400). He already knows that he is doing it for less.

    The 2nd question, Having trawled every relevant thread, it appears that Phoenix Marine Electrics supply new units at a good price. That being the case, has anyone anything to comment about the alternator they got from that firm?

    Lastly, can anyone tell me the correct part number for an alternator for a P reg 1.7TD? This would be a massive help.

    Incidently, the car covers about 6k a year, made up of many short trips. I add this point as I suspect it throws up an answer towards my 1st question.


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    Has the autospark offered an opinion as to what part of the alternator has failed, or just said "It's shagged"?

    There are 3 different alternators listed for the 1.7TD, one with a vacuum pump & two without although the parts breakdown for each shows a vacuum pump (might need VIN to identify correct one).
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