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Thread: Engine fault P1555

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    Engine fault P1555

    Hello to all.
    Bought a 51 reg 1.8 16v SXi Astra approx 2 weeks ago and developed a fault today.
    Used the pedal test to find the code and it shows P1555
    (Does this mean there is only 1 fault registered if that is all it says?)

    Found "Electronic Variable Orifice Output" for this code on another website
    Anybody have any ideas? Is it ok to drive it in the short term?

    Also how do i find my engine code - still have to collect all the paper work for the car so cant check there.

    Apologies if any of these are stupid Q's, not used to Vauxhalls


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    P1555 = Total position sensor, load signal, not plausible with engine load

    most P1555 codes Ive came across have been cured by removing the throttle body and giving it a thorough cleaning with petrol - make sure its all nice n shiney before refitting

    few bolts (4 i think), a couple of coolant hoses (dont worry they wont spill as not under pressure) and maybe a vacuum hose - then off, clean then back on

    The TB on the 1.8 can be prone to problems but at least carrying out routine maintenance such as this should stand u in good stead

    might be good either disconnecting the battery whilst u clean the TB to reset the ECU codes.....but only do this if u have the stereo security code etc..... better still , locate the ECU and unplug the 2 big plugs instead - still resets it but retains feed to stereo etc.

    ECU will either be on the right hand side of the block, or towards the rear next to the inlet manifold

    good luck - keep us posted

    welcome to aoc

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