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Thread: Z18XE Blowing Exhaust (Super Loud!)

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    Z18XE Blowing Exhaust (Super Loud!)

    My Astra has been sounding a little bit loud recently and then yesterday afternoon it started going mad and is now extremely loud.

    I've checked it out and although I have no mechanical experience I can see it is the flexi bit under the front of the car that is causing the problem.

    What are my options on getting this fixed?

    I have toyed with the idea of a straight through exhaust but I'm not sure whether its worth it for the money?

    The car is a SRi 2003 model with 50,000 Miles on the clock. She's just had the Cambelt kit and water pump done along with a full service and 4 spanking new Toyo T1R's

    Thanks, Joe.

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    any decent exhaust place will supply and fit a new flexi section for about £30 tops

    the old damaged one will be cut out and a new one welded in

    ideally i would advise a custom exhaust place but even the run of the mill ones like KwikFit etc should be able to help - just TELL them you want a flexi fitted - as they will no doubt try and tell u that you need a complete front pipe assembly

    Although, having said that, a complete front pipe assembly on your Z18XE is essentially just a piece of pipe with a few bends and a flexi

    A brand new complete front pipe can be had for approx £40 from a local motor factors - so if ur willing to tackle it ur self then it might be the best solution

    Heres the exhaust layout for your Z18XE

    and an example of the part on ebay (although a local motor factor will be cheaper - most use the same part numbers too)

    All depends if u want a simple fix (flexi) or a full on replacement pipe for about the same money

    Id advise u get some prices together first and then decide what u think is best

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