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Thread: Trip computer, tonneau cover and swapping stalks

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    Post Trip computer, tonneau cover and swapping stalks

    Greetings all,

    Just acquired a 07 Astra Club Estate 1.7 Diesel and I already have questions about tweaking it.

    1. According to the dealer the club model doesn't have a trip computer (the one which show range, fuel economy etc). Is this true? If so how can I get this functionallity without paying an arm and a leg?
    2. I am used to driving a car where the turn indicator stalk is on the right hand side of the steering column. Subsequently the wiper stalk would be on the left. Is it possible to swap the two stalks over? Would make changing gear and indicating at the same time damn site easier!
    3. Where, other than a Vauxhall dealer, can I get a tonneau cover?

    Cheers ws

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    Trip computer certainly wont be standard on that model but may be programmable using Tech2 diagnostics software at Vauxhall - or "opcom" software as used by a few members on here

    You may however need additional sensors or extra parts added - Im not sure

    AFAIK Vauxhall is probs the best place for a rear load space cover - but you could try the many Vauxhall specialist breakers across the country who may come up trumps.

    Ebay is obviously a good option too


    Oh and cant think of any sensible/safe way of "swapping" the stalks over unless you wish to fabricate some Heath Robinson style contraption and make it a Jap configured Astra! If u were really that determined then you could fit an additional stalk with a simple on/off/on toggle but i think it would be easier to just get used to the 'correct' configuration and be done with it

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