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Thread: I have calibra 2.0 Calipers, will these fit my MK4 Z16XE?

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    I have calibra 2.0 Calipers, will these fit my MK4 Z16XE?

    As the 1.6 16v only comes with the 256mm Discs on the front which are awful, i want an upgrade. I know someone selling calibers from a 2.0 Calibra for £40. Are these a straight fit with bigger disks and pads or is it alot of hassle?
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    The discs are the same size as you have fitted (256mm).

    The main trouble is the Mk4 4-stud cars have a caliper carrier which is integrated as part of the hub carrier so even if you got bigger discs you couldn't fit them strait on.

    The is the option of doing wither a 4-stud 280mm brake conversion, or a re-drilled 308mm conversiojn using 5-stuid discs.

    Hace a search for threads on brake upgrades and you will see the one title 4-stud 280mm conversion that I started.
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