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Thread: Mk5 - How to install Front Fog Lights

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    Question Mk5 - How to install Front Fog Lights


    I am in the market for a new front bumper for my 2007 astra. Car previously did not have fog lights, i'm considering buying a bumper with foglights though.
    How much work is it to install these? Is the wiring already there? Do i need to install any additional interior switches (car currently has button for rear fog lights, even though i don't have these, but not one for front foglights)??


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    your car will have rear fog lights. All cars now do.
    You will need a new light control unit (switch panel) which has the button for front fog lights.

    Depending on what spec car you have, you probably have the wiring in place for fogs. To check just stick your head up under the bumper and you should be able to see the connectors. If you dont then there is a DIY guide in the "electrical" section.

    You will need the fog lights and surrounds to place in your bumper (can be bought from ebay, scrap yard, vauxhall and possibily LMF) - will be cheaper than changing the whole bumper as they are the same (just the surrounds are different)

    Once everything is in place it will need tech2ing (coding from vauxhall) for it to work.

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