Hello all, my other half drives a Astra H sri, recently we discovered burning smell from inside the cabin, and interior light failed to work. i removed the unit and found the dc supply wire had melted back to bare cable and then with the heat had melted the surrounding wires so was all fused together in one lump and was shorting out. i traced this fault all the way back down the passenger side a pillar and behind the dash to where the melting had stopped. i have now cut out all the damaged wiring but am in need of a wiring diagram so i can repair the loom correctly. I am competent in the wiring side as i work as a generator engineer so have to deal with dc as well as ac electrical issues daily.

So i call upon you, the astra experts lol, if this has happened to anyone on here before and if someone could point me in the right direction as to where i can get a wiring diagram from.

Thanks in advance