hi all, this is my first post here.
I ve been reading through some of the posts but cant seem to find an answer to my prob. or some kind of info.
I have an astra 1.4 sport 2002 model.
I have the following probs.
1. For a couple of months my engine electronics warning light is lighting up.
I just got my car back from the garage (annual service) and the light is still there, they told me that they didnt know what to make of this and that I should go by the dealer to check this out.
2. car wont start up after sort stop. It starts up fine if I stop for a long time, starts with out a prob each morning.
3. "hickups" as I drive (yes me too sometimes but I am talking about the car right now hehe) Out of nowhere and without any obvious reasons.

My garage has no clue about the warning light they suggested I go to a dealership to get checked (but thats gonna cost me) and they said there is no reason for the missfire of the engine so they suggested that it might be the...key..???!!
any info or suggestions are welcome I am really stressed out with the whole thing.

Thank you all upfront