Hi guys,

I've had a 2002 plate 1.6 SXI for just over a year now. It has never caused me any hassle at all, and that's why i brought it, an why I like it so much. However....

Last night I went to start her and she started then cut out, I assumed she hadn't really started and tried again, only to be greeted with a whirring noise, but no sound of the engine turning over.

First I thought it was petrol (the light is on but not flashing), but that made no sense to me as the engine would have been turning over, not just making a fast spinning noise.

Then I assumed it was a starter problem, and went back to the Mini driving days and put it in gear and turned the key, and the car moved. So no starter problem.

Then I had a little think and decided it could be a snapped cam belt, so when I got home from work today I popped off the oil filler and got my Dad to give it a quick crank to see if the cam on display turned, which it did. So no snapped belt.

The only thing I can think is that the cam belt has slipped a tooth and the timing is out of whack, or have I missed something completely? Or have I eliminated something I should't have?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Cheers in advance