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Thread: Bird Like Features on the new astra?

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    Bird Like Features on the new astra?

    Maybe I never really grew up yet, but one of my favourite things to do at events like Goodwood (or in traffic jams) is assigning an animal to the cars. Sportscars, generally, are in the big cat family, or if not a bird – but you can get quite specific when you get into it. I’ll think up some examples for a later post, if its interesting (be great to get feedback on this one), because although the Astra is definitely a bird of prey, I haven’t quite decided which one yet – I don’t – despite the marketing blurb on the eagle eye headlamps, quite believe it’s a Golden Eagle. I think it might be more of a red-tailed hawk… Suggestions on a postcard (or in the comments box) please.
    Anyway, besides the headlamps (really love these), the front of the Astra is pretty striking. The front grille and hood flow smoothly into the steeply raked A pillars in a way that emphasizes the car’s compactness and – we hope – agility. A proud and prominent Vauxhall badge on the chrome grille is intended to give an upscale appearance, and the latter is also offset by a relatively low central air intake. The front indicators are now located in the lower front bumper, which makes each car look as though it’s got front foglamps whether or not the owner has paid that particular premium or not – democratic thinking there – which we like. The headlamps are framed by the wing graphic of the daytime running lights (apparently this is one of the signature design themes of Insignia) which makes the whole thing seem that extra bit wider. It is also repeated at the rear
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    So where do foglights end up going then?

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