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Thread: Brake disc/pads part numbers? 51 VectraB Z18XE

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    Brake disc/pads part numbers? 51 VectraB Z18XE

    Can anyone tell me the part numbers for the front and rear discs/pads for a 51 plate VectraB hatch?

    It has ABS, can let you know reg plate if required

    Are OEM parts on TC a decent price or can we save a bit on 3rd party ones? Car barely gets driven so it doesn't need anything beyond something 'safe'!

    Front pad warning light flickered a bit last week but has stayed off since, but it's due an MOT soon so they'll all need changed - had an advisory the past two MOT's

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    According to tradeclub book, part no. 93175482 £50.41 + vat.

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