Have acquired a set of blue led sidelight bulbs, and have now decided that it would look best to fit some xenon bulbs. Have had a look round the forum, and searched xenons but am now confused.

Basically, I want to change the headlight bulbs so they are not a yellow colour, more of a white/blue colour. I don't want to have to change any fittings or the headlights at all, just want to swap the bulbs.

Now, what would be the best replacement? Obviously also needs to be road legal as well.

Have read that Halfords Super Brilliant bulbs are meant to be quite good, but at £20 odd each, they are a tad expensive - thoughts/opinions?

Also, have seen some quote that www.xenons.biz are meant to be good for bulbs, but not knowing what bulbs I need, I am now mega confused.

Have found the following info on AON, whats the difference between AFL and non AFL?
Astra H bulb types
Dipped beam H7 55W (code 499)
Main beam - non AFL cars H1 55W (44
Main beam - AFL cars H7 55W (499)

Am assuming mine would be non AFL as the dipped and main beam bulbs are different?

Any help please, much appreciated