Hi All

Wandered into the garage yesterday and found a lovely pool of red stuff under the car (1998 MK3 1.6 Bertone Cab). First panic is gearbox as she is an auto but then realised it was the wrong place... Panic is good for the heart (not).

So crawled/slid/dragged myself under and then realised opening the bonnet would be a better move (gee getting old is great). Fluid in the power steering reservoir is below the dipstick and I thought it was coming from the left hand side of the rack (from the front). But there is a rubber drain pipe, about 18 inches long that has a bell shaped end - it comes from the rack area and goes down to the bottom of the engine bay and is in the perfect place to be the source of the flood? Today, virtually nothing there.... but tomorrow.. who knows!

Any suggestions why it suddenly got incontinent?????

My fingers are crossed that someone knows what I am waffling on about here... Thanks for reading this far!

Best ones to all